My brother Steven just passed away yesterday. Tuesday (Feb 3rd) is the funeral.

I live close to Los Angeles, California with my wife and 3 kids (we take care of Ciaran, son of Steven). I came here on a B1 visa. We changed status to E2 on my wife’s business Branding Personality LLC¬†which is approved to mid 2010. If I return to attend the funeral, I cannot go back to the USA because of the rules and have to apply all over again. If you have been through an application you know you don’t want that. Not only is there a 4 month wait in Amsterdam, as situations change, we may not even be approved again, leaving our business and lives on hold in the USA is a financial catastophe as well.

I have two options:

1. go to the funeral and throw it all away

2. stay here and miss the last chance of seeing my brother and give hugs to my family

Or… will anyone make a miracle happen, by bending the rules a little. Advance parole happens and if I get my passport stamped before I leave, I can simply get back here.

Please o please help me.