We got a call around 12:30am from the alarm company that the alarm went off caused by movement in our office.

A little later I went there to check out what happened.

Window is pretty much in one piece.

They broke in via the side window.

Couple of blocks were blocked by police while searching for suspects.

Only one of the iMacs was found back. A lit-tle scratched… (looks just as bad as this) One of the bad guys dropped it while running, when he found himself followed by police. Too bad they lost them. So we’re still missing one mac in action.

While waiting for the guy to come and put and emergency board up, I will write this post and get some work done -on my laptop-, lucky they didn’t steal the “Internet” :)

It’s after five am now… hope the guy who is fixing the window, is done soon!

Would be a cool experiment to see if that iMac still works :-)