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A new Chrome OS life for my sons netbook

My son put his Netbook (an Eee PC w/Win7) on top of a strong magnet (the kind that keeps your table cloth nicely together) , and then his computer would not start anymore… :-(
Very strange, since harddisks themselves have very strong magnets that get way closer to the actual disk… But this was the direct result:

Error loading operating system.

The harddisk didn’t work anymore… So that was it, no more computer for him, but I had an idea. For years it’s possible to run Linux from a thumbdrive, so why not give that a try. I got a 16G Thumbdrive for $17 at Walmart.

I know he plays games in the Chrome browser, so I thought, why not put Chrome OS on it, but apparently it’s not meant for consumers, so getting that to run would really take way too much time. I checked the flavors of Linux that the Chrome browser supports (Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora/openSUSE) and decided to go with Fedora. I had to download it, put it the iso on the stick

but then still got errors while booting the stick, as it tried to access the broken harddrive I guess, at some point I let it run and when I came back it actually ran, so then I downloaded Chrome here, which went well, but installing didn’t work, since I guess it needed a harddrive to install it on…

Then I found an article about Chrome OS on LifeHacker and finally ended up using this site:

The utility that supposedly would download and install the whole thing, gave problems on my Mac all the time (error 50 could not unpack)… I finally just downloaded the image and used the diskutil commands to put it on the USB stick:

# sudo dd if=./Downloads/ChromeOS-Vanilla-1384.0.2011_12_03_1627-rab1d2e08.img of=/dev/disk1 bs=1m

To find out if it’s /dev/disk1 for you, run this command:

diskutil list

That allowed me to burn Chrome OS on my USB stick, and a few minutes later I got the netbook working with Chrome OS, yay!


Just released 121er – a tool for business networking groups to automatically schedule one to one meetings

Business networking groups, like BNI are an effective way of getting more business. By giving away referrals and business you get business also. Since you need to be able to trust someone before you can refer them, you need to meet with members of your group a lot, something that can take quite some time and needs you to take action, either by email or before or after the weekly meeting.

I like to automate things, so I just released

. It’s a free service that allows group administrators to import their group members and then all the members get weekly emails who they should meet. It’s all random, but the service remembers who you’ve met, so you’ll be able to meet everyone first, before the next round through the group.


2 BR Apartment Amsterdam (near Leidse Plein) for rent

Available from April 15, 2010!
Including: furniture, gas, water, electricity, internet wifi, big TV
Price: EUR 1250 per month
Notes: Kitchen was developed by “Eigen Huis en Tuin” (dutch home make-over TV show)







Entrance Overtoom

Contact me

for more info.


Testing oc php pizza plugin

We need to order


Running WordPress 2.9 RC1

WordPress just released the 2.9 release candidate 1 and if all goes well, we can see the 2.9 version by the end of this week!

It is an exciting new version with many new features, but most notably would be the slick basic image editor! If you need Photoshop, go to Adobe, but this is really nice for basic needs!

Another nice thing is the trash status, so you can click around and do your updates quicker, without the risk of losing anything.

Read the complete list of changes



Bad guys stealing macs

We got a call around 12:30am from the alarm company that the alarm went off caused by movement in our office.

A little later I went there to check out what happened.

Window is pretty much in one piece.

They broke in via the side window.

Couple of blocks were blocked by police while searching for suspects.

Only one of the iMacs was found back. A lit-tle scratched… (looks just as bad as this) One of the bad guys dropped it while running, when he found himself followed by police. Too bad they lost them. So we’re still missing one mac in action.

While waiting for the guy to come and put and emergency board up, I will write this post and get some work done -on my laptop-, lucky they didn’t steal the “Internet” :)

It’s after five am now… hope the guy who is fixing the window, is done soon!

Would be a cool experiment to see if that iMac still works :-)


2 BR Apartment Amsterdam (near Leidse Plein) for rent

[Update: apartment available from April 15, 2010!]

Contact me for more info.


Coworking Fullerton: the video

Welcome to our office. I work here most of the time.
We share our office. It’s called Co-Working.
Everyone that has been here likes it a lot and we already have a couple of very nice people coming here on a regular basis.

George said: “I worked from this coworking location the last few days. It
is a really warm and positive environment. I brought my files
and got so much done!

I was hesitant about membership at first, but the great
atmosphere, quiet, good coffee and location are really great.
I have client meetings here and know it communicates a positive
immage of my business. Thanks Rutger and Marieke!”

We would like to get more people to join us and to start working from our office also.
If you know how we can reach more people or maybe you know someone that can benefit from it, please let me know.


Hard or Heart

My brother Steven just passed away yesterday. Tuesday (Feb 3rd) is the funeral.

I live close to Los Angeles, California with my wife and 3 kids (we take care of Ciaran, son of Steven). I came here on a B1 visa. We changed status to E2 on my wife’s business Branding Personality LLC which is approved to mid 2010. If I return to attend the funeral, I cannot go back to the USA because of the rules and have to apply all over again. If you have been through an application you know you don’t want that. Not only is there a 4 month wait in Amsterdam, as situations change, we may not even be approved again, leaving our business and lives on hold in the USA is a financial catastophe as well.

I have two options:

1. go to the funeral and throw it all away

2. stay here and miss the last chance of seeing my brother and give hugs to my family

Or… will anyone make a miracle happen, by bending the rules a little. Advance parole happens and if I get my passport stamped before I leave, I can simply get back here.

Please o please help me.




Just in time

Phew :)